Alder Slope Cemetery, Gravesite Mapping

gravesite mapping

Tucked away in a high valley in the Wallowa Mountains, Enterprise and Joseph celebrate their rich history and amazing landscape. This valley is the homeland of Chief Joseph. The townspeople are friendly and helpful, and they preserve the region’s history. When a pioneer-era cemetery was ravaged by wildfire, they enlisted GPR Data LLC to help with recovery and gravesite mapping.

The Problem:

The Alder Slope Cemetery was founded by 1870 at the latest, and most gravesites were marked out with wooden crosses and other fixtures of remembrance. Only a small portion had been demarked with headstones when a fire ripped through the cemetery. The historical society retained records of most internments but had no way to place them at precise physical locations.

The Results:

GPR Data LLC used 270 MHz and 400 MHz antennas to first create a 3d map of the cemetery, then identify dominant rows of graves, and finally mark out all corresponding locations. Each identified target was marked with a flag at the presumptive head, and paint along the trench, for semi-permanent but easily removed reference. Finally, our gravesite mapping included a reference map that was built upon satellite imagery to give an overview perspective.


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July 27, 2017