Video Pipe Inspection

GPR Data provides non-intrusive pipes, drains, and conduits.

Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection is a method of using video to visually inspect a sewer or drain line for damage, blockages, and other imperfections in the line. The process involves navigating a video camera through a utility line, which provides a video feed of the pipe’s interior to an on-site monitor and recording station. The location of the camera in the pipe can also be identified on the surface.

  • Non-Intrusive inspection of pipes, drains, and conduits.
  • Identify blockage or obstruction within a pipe as well as the location on the surface.
  • Identify problematic areas caused by deterioration or poor construction.

Video pipe inspection is a cost-effective method for evaluating the condition of a utility. Using video equipment to look inside a drain or pipe, we can more accurately identify and locate blockages or damage.

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