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GPR, ground penetrating radar, is a high-resolution concrete scanning/imaging method with the ability to see what’s embedded in or below the concrete and used before you cut, core, demo, or load. This concrete ground penetrating radar (GPR) method allows us to deliver cutting edge 3D images of anything in concrete or the soil below.

GPR concrete imaging provides the information you need to continue safely with your project. Not only does GPR concrete imaging help ensure your team and structure will be safe, its effectiveness guarantees the project won’t be slowed down due to costly accidents.

Do You Really Need
GPR Concrete Imaging?

GPR concrete imaging is absolutely critical to the success of your project. No matter the scope of your project, if you’re going to be cutting into concrete, you’re going to want to know what exactly you’re cutting, so you can avoid the costly (and dangerous) mistake of cutting electrical work, post tension cables, pipes, rebar, water lines, reinforcing, and conduits (to name a few).

Benefits of GPR Concrete Scanning & Imaging

  • Reduces the safety risk to the public and site workers
  • Reduce liability and cost (should you cut into a post tension cable, conduit, or utility – the cost can be astronomical)
  • Saves time
  • Gives you all the information needed to have a successful project

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As-Built Verification/As-Build Drafting

GPR Data pioneered “as-built verification” and “as-build drafting.” This type of GPR concrete imaging is ideal for historic or older buildings that lack as-build information and need updating for current building codes, seismic safety updates, or even the restoration of a historic building.

When GPR Data performs as-built verification and drafting, we give our clients:

  • GPR data created 3D maps
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Delivered as 2D or 3D AutoCAD drawings and image reports that are easy to understand and use as needed

Check out how we helped Union Station in Portland; a great project we did with “as-built verification” and “as-build drafting.”

Deterioration, Settlement Voiding, Delaminations Detection

When we’re looking for deterioration, settlement voiding, or delamination detection, GPR concrete and earth scanning provides high-quality 3D maps. This helps assist in evaluating the scope of the remediation project.

Post Tensioned Cables

Post Tensioned Cables

GPR Data can provide thorough post tension cable imaging. Whether the post-tension cables are banded, bundled, or with uniform layouts – we find what you need and provide you with a thorough 3D image and (x, y, z) positioning report.

Rebar Mapping

Rebar Mapping

When your engineers and architects need help with structural evaluations or design/build services, GPR Data can help. We provide a comprehensive report of findings that you can use throughout the project.

Concrete X-Ray or GPR Concrete Imaging?

Many people wonder what the difference is between concrete x-ray and GPR concrete imaging. The most significant difference is that concrete x-rays rely on radioactive sources, where GPR concrete imaging uses electromagnetic energy. Because of this, the radiation energy GPR emits is far less – making it the safer option and allowing the site to remain open and functioning. GPR concrete and earth images also have a higher quality, resolution, more accurate depth reporting, and 3D (x, y, z) mapping instead of 2D.

GPR Data’s full range of services for GPR concrete & earth imaging are:

Post Tensioned Cables/Conduit/Rebar Mapping
As-Built Verification/As-Build Drafting
Conductive/Nonconductive 3D Utility Mapping
Pipe Depth/Composition/Diameter Characterizations
Deterioration/Settlement Voiding/Delamination Detection
Void/Sinkhole/Bedrock Boundary Determinations
Chemical Pipeline Leak Detection/Characterizations
Bridge Deck/Piling Length/Footing Scour/Erosion Inspections
Archaeological/Geological Investigations
Oil well/UST/Hydrocarbon/Chemical Spill Mapping

GPR Data has been a leading expert in the industry for 20 years and are currently expanding to other locations. Contact us today for all your GPR concrete imaging needs.

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