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GPR Data is a leading expert in 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar concrete or earth scanning.
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GPR Data, Inc. established in 1998, is a company using Ground Penetrating Radar for non-destructive investigation of earth and concrete. GPR Data is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, and has offices in Las Vegas, Portland, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Although our offices are located mainly on the West Coast, GPR Data regularly completes projects throughout North America.

What is in and beneath soil and concrete is our business. Investigations in sub-surface range from 1 inch to 100 feet depending on local conditions. From air voids and delaminations in concrete to bedrock or utilities in soil, we can find what you’re looking for.

Committed to customer service, we are building relationships with our clients through our technology, unmatched experience, and accurate solutions.

Realtime 2D Line Scanning

Marking post-tension cables and determining safe core drilling locations in reinforced concrete; locating utilities like water or gas mains and service drops for safe excavation and directional boring; quickly clearing anchor embeds for seismic reinforcement and equipment installation. REALTIME 2D LINE SCANNING presents some limitations and isn’t appropriate for all work sites.

3D Grid Scanning

3D GRID SCANNING is a technique used to capture the dimensions and shape of embedded objects using our engineered patented in-house data collection processes. The result is a high-resolution 3D image model of the object which can be saved, edited, mapped, printed, or tailored to meet the clients output expectations.

What We Do

GPR Data Inc. engineers are the industry experts in 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar concrete or earth scanning. Technical experience and customer relationships are the foundation of our corporation. Our non-destructive testing and inspection services are not limited to ground penetrating radar. GPR Data Inc. offers a wide range of professional services to support our ground penetrating radar service applications. 

Technical Experience

  • Licensed & certified professionally trained staff.
  • Over 30+ years of ground penetrating radar data collection and data post processing experience.
  • State of the art ground penetrating radar technologies.

Client Relationships

  • Rapid field response times.
  • Quick complex information turn around and output reporting.
  • Dedicated support to project goals.
  • Loyalty

Our Team Leaders

matthew edwardsMatthew Edwards


In addition to his vision for the company leading the overall direction of GPR Data, Matthew is also our lead geophysicist. Matthew oversees sampling, scanning, and our state-of-the-art equipment protocols for most of our projects. He is responsible for client relationships, is an expert in complex problem resolutions, and provides the engineered solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Nathan Rasnick General Manager

Nathan Rasnick

General Manager | GPR Data Las Vegas

Nathan is a Senior Project Manager with GPR Data and heads our Las Vegas office. With 15 years of applied field experience and a background in geophysics there is rarely a scenario he hasn’t seen.

casey coyle

Casey Coyle

General Manager | GPR Data Eugene

Casey offers a background in geology and serves as our staff geologist. Our clients say Casey’s experience and professionalism adds value to each project.

casey coyle

Josh Penland

CAD/GIS Specialist | GPR Data Eugene

casey coyle

Cody Starr

Field Engineer | GPR Data Portland

casey coyle

Tad Letzring

Field Engineer | GPR Data Seattle

Tad has 15 plus years of experience locating subsurface utilities including experience mapping utilities and infrastructure surveying.

casey coyle

Rich McDade

Field Technician | GPR Data Las Vegas

With an extensive background in utility construction inspections and concrete inspections. Rich is a deeply knowledgeable utility mapper and concrete scanning technician. And he really likes to party!


Field Engineer Tony Sartin | GPR Data Los Angeles

Tony Sartin

Field Engineer | Computer Programmer | Head of GPR Data Los Angeles

With a long history in software development and code scripting, Tony is a critical part of transitioning ideas to design.

Steven Roylance

Field Technician | GPR Data Las Vegas

With extensive experience in the mining industry and a number of years working as a diesel mechanic. Steven has quickly become one of our best field technicians.

What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a non-destructive geophysical method that produces a continuous cross-sectional profile of subsurface features, without drilling, probing, or digging. Ground penetrating radar profiles are used for evaluating the location and depth of buried objects and to investigate the presence and continuity of natural subsurface conditions and features.

GPR operates by transmitting pulses of high frequency radio waves (microwave electromagnetic energy) down into the ground through a transducer (also called an antenna). The transmitted energy is reflected from various buried objects or distinct contacts between different earth materials. The antenna then receives the reflected waves and stores them in the digital control unit.

what is gpr

GPR Advantages

  • Can identify nonmetallic and metallic targets below the surface.
  • Depths can be provided.
  • CAS or GIS output can be used at all levels of the organization.

“The engineers at GPR Data Inc’s Portland office are top notch. We called on them to help settle a dispute over the location of multiple UST’s situated close to an adjoining property we had under contract to close. Matthew sent two engineers out to collect the GPR data then produced a report detailing the location, depth, and size, of each UST. To our benefit we discovered the tanks were there but not situated on the sale property. It turned out the property line was plotted wrong and the tanks belonged to the adjacent property. Matthew was professional, accurate, and saved us a lot of unanticipated costs. Their services offer great value and we highly recommend GPR DATA Inc.”

Holdhusen Real Estate Group  |  Keller Williams Portland Central

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