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bridge deck inspections

Bridge Deck Inspections

GPR DATA INC. provides bridge deck condition assessment and analysis, bridge deck inspections and bridge testing using various combinations of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) air-coupled or ground-coupled antennas, and/or Infrared (IR) cameras, even at highway speeds. Lane closures are rarely required, traffic isn’t interrupted, and personnel aren’t exposed to hazards.

GPR DATA INC. Services and Technologies Provide:

  • 100% deck area coverage for accurate comprehensive data
  • Data collected at driving speeds—multiple surveys conducted in one day
  • Data produced electronically—for import into database applications
  • Non-destructive inspection—more cost effective than conventional methods
  • Trained and certified bridge inspectors
  • Data is stacked and integrated to produce high resolution output presentations
  • Evaluation of deterioration quantities
  • Computation for depth of rebar
  • Assessment of corrosion
  • Concrete compressive strength
  • Measurement of overlay thickness
  • Quality control of rebar placement
  • As built records
  • Long term maintenance and rehab programs

Bridge Rebar Inspection

  • Bridge deck mapping of rebar, and rebar inspection
  • Core locations
  • Accurate overlay thickness measurements
  • Deterioration boundaries within reinforced concrete deck that result from chloride-induced corrosion
  • Bridge beam rebar inspection for mapping
  • Detect and map concrete condition for rehab planning
  • Post tension mapping
  • Delaminations, Cracks, Fractures

Specialty Expertise

When your job presents unusual or difficult circumstances, we’re the provider for you. For instance, we can scan, map, and accurately reproduce plans for extremely curved decks.

bridge rebar inspection
bridge rebar inspection

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