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archaeology mapping

Archaeology Mapping

Archaeologists, scientists, and law enforcement rely on GPR Data for non-invasive site investigation. Whether the goal is site mapping for excavation or locating sensitive resources for avoidance or preservation, we have the archaeology mapping tools required to verify approximate depth and location of buried items.

Cemetery Mapping and Location of Unmarked Graves

Our archaeology mapping data locates unmarked graves and buried bodies to correctly reposition marker stones that are often displaced. The survey method we use facilitates the locating of specific burial sites and cemetery boundaries.

Burial Trenches

Using a variety of survey methods, GPR Data can locate and delineate the extent of deep trenches. Our instruments can detect and determine the size of trenches, landfills, and contaminated plumes.

Old Foundations

GPR Data’s technology is the ideal tool for foundation delineation whether the foundations are covered over by asphalt parking lots or several feet down in the soil. Since foundations are usually rectilinear in shape, we can expand a survey area to trace them out, and they can be identified in radar amplitude slice maps.

Old Roads

GPR Data can help you identify and locate old roadways and hidden walk ways that have been buried under compact surfaces.

Root Systems in Strata

GPR Data uses a nondestructive method to estimate the extent and depth of root systems. Our technology allows us to establish sub surface structural root layout and create a detailed mapping of a tree’s’ root system.

Buried Metal Relics

GPR Data can accurately locate both metallic and non-metallic utilities, buried drums, and hazardous material at sites. Our technology will also detect objects below reinforced concrete floors and slabs.

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