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pipeline inspections

Pipeline Inspections and Leak Locating

GPR Data provides non-destructive pipeline inspections of aqueducts, drainage pipes, chemical process piping, closed loop systems, and other buried product feed or product return pipelines. GPR Data can identify areas in need of repair with technologies including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Infrared Thermography (IR), and Impact-echo (IE). Our services are not limited by depth of concrete, depth of burial, or pipeline composition. Our state-of-the-art technologies provide high resolution information on piping composed of concrete, HDPE, steel, ductile iron, PVC, and cast iron.

GPR Data has conducted nondestructive pipeline inspections for pipeline leak and inspection on hundreds of miles of pipeline throughout the United States. Our methodologies produce areas of leak and repair as well as accurate as build documentation of pipeline position in (X, Y, Z) output formats.

Various scanning methodologies are employed to image pipeline leak, debonding and delaminated areas of pipe walls, areas of separation between concrete walls and steel liners, and contact areas between concrete liners and native materials.

GPR Data can map and evaluate pipelines of all scales and sizes to depths reaching 30 meters. Our data can be incorporated into existing Geographic Information Systems or CAD drawings.

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