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environmental mapping

Environmental Mapping and Exploration

GPR Data Inc. provides antennas ranging from 100 to 1000 MHz to cover all of your environmental mapping and investigation needs. With this line-up, we can provide high-precision data at any depth from a few feet to 30 meters in most conditions.

  • Geologic Conditions
  • Depth of Bedrock, Fractures, Limits
  • Depth to Water Table
  • Thickness and depth of Soil and Strata Layers
  • Contaminant Plumes Trace
  • Location of Cavities, Drums, Tanks, Cables
  • Mapping Landfill and Trench Boundaries
  • Mapping Abandoned Mine Shafts
  • Vugs/Gem Pockets Detection

GPR Data Inc. was contacted by Geo Technical Engineers to determine the positions and centers of existing soil anchors that stabilize a 40.00’ tall 300.00’ long retaining wall. A high level of GPR interpretative experience was needed to scan through the wire mesh and shotcrete surface to determine with the X, Y, and Z depth positions of each soil anchor. Information provided by GPR Data was used to design a new reinforcing plan for this retaining wall that will improve the stabilization of the existing wall. The existing soil anchors length, depth, and spacing information was also used to design significant upgrades to the surrounding facilities.

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