Rock Springs Power Generation Facility Cooling Pipe Leak, Rising Sun, MD

rock springs maryland pipeline leak

rock springs maryland pipeline leak

Background: High Pressure cooling systems have become commonplace, but unfortunately, they can suffer from underground leaks. These small leaks are quite difficult to find until they have escalated out of control. This particular location was losing a small amount of coolant somewhere along nearly 2600 linear feet of pipe. They wanted to fix the leak before the problem became worse.

GPR Data’s Solution: GPR Data was at the site in Maryland within two days to start the survey. Precisions grids were collected over every foot of accessible pipe. Within a week GPR Data was able to provide two specific locations as the source of the leak. After excavation, a leak was identified within feet of the location provided. The leaks were efficiently repaired during a scheduled downtime and consistent coolant levels confirmed success of the project.

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September 9, 2020