Press Pit Floor, Boise Cascade, Central Point OR

concrete imaging in central point oregon


precise field confirmation of rebar specsGround penetrating radar was used for concrete imaging of a slab in the press pit. Depth of concrete, amount of steel reinforcement, and diameter of steel reinforcement at the bearing locations was the target information. Field measurements for rebar diameter and concrete thickness analysis were obtained from core drill samples.


The slab was found to have two mats of structural steel 12” on center in both the longitude and transverse directions. A total of seven profiles were collected on the press pit floor. Profile locations are designated on the data collection layout map. Each file was post processed and structural steel was quantified in excel spread sheets that are attached to this report. Each file has a separate spread sheet that delineates the horizontal (x) position and the vertical (z) position within the slab. An example radar profile for each orientation is below.


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July 27, 2017