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Concrete Inspection

We can see into concrete before drilling, cutting or coring
We have the equipment to do your job accurately and rapidly

Engineers, Architects, Builders, Institutions, Municipalities, and Contractors depend on GPR Data Inc. to provide accurate cost effective solutions!

In today's engineering practices post tensioning is a critical element that defines the structural capabilities of concrete slabs, concrete decks, and concrete bridges. GPR Data Inc. can draft and produce as build documents detailing the depth, diameter, and dimensions of any embedded post tensioned system.

Deteriorated Areas within a Post-Tension Bundle

Examples of high resolution 3D GPR data defining the depth, diameter, and dimensions of a single post tensioned bundle embedded in concrete.

Frayed P/T Cables within a Concrete Slab

GPR Data Inc. has the technical experience to define and characterize specific embedded objects such as post tension cables, fiber optic lines, PVC conduits, metal conduits, rebar, delaminations, voiding, and deterioration. Any cutting, coring, load rating, or retrofitting of post-tensioned slabs without adequate prior scanning can be dangerous, and limits the use of the slab.

One area of the total slab scanned for numerous penetrations at Crescent Village, Eugene How many penetrations can you count in this picture? Click for a larger zoom. This is just one small section of a large post-tensioned slab in Eugene, OR. P/T cables run in both directions, as do structural rebar and column reinforcement. We count sixteen in this picture alone....
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