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utility mapping

Utility Detection and Mapping

  • Locate gas, water, electric, fiber optic cable, metal and PVC
  • Locate Voids beneath pavement or soil
  • Locate Rebar, post tension cables & conduits
  • Detect Cable, Metal, PVC & Air

Utility Detection and Mapping Services

  • Detailed investigation of any available records, plans, and maps
  • Field staking of the exact location of the proposed features in possible conflict with existing utilities
  • Location of existing buried utilities or any other structures
  • Non-destructive excavation test hole to expose the utility at all points of possible conflict
  • Restoration of the test hole and marking of the location utilitizing established utility designating color codes and ASCE Standards of Practice
  • Formal Report and Inventory, detailing all ground proofs, subsurface features, and utilities found
  • Station survey of the test hole locations for CADD mapping of project site

Advantages of GPR Data Inc. Utility Mapping

  • Reports and deliverables are hand tailored to customers’ specific needs
  • Data is collected three dimensionally on tight grid densities, locating all subsurface features within the survey area (x,y) positions, (z) depths, dimensions, and material compositions are recorded and reported
  • Data collection is rapid with high resolution accuracy (16 bit at 512 samples per scan)
  • Survey plot reports and maps create permanent and up-to-date records
  • Field ground proofing provides truth in locations and relative signal velocity depths
  • Data is digitized and archived

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