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GPR Data Incorporates

We're pleased to announce that we are now incorporated, as of Jan 1, 2011, allowing us to service & meet our customers' needs at a greater capacity.

Historic Building Preservation and Information

GPR Data Inc. leads the industry in Historic Building Preservation and Information, with 3D imaging / mapping, and delivering 3D/2D to-scale AutoCAD drawings.

Union Station in Portland, Oregon is a historic brick structure dating back to 1902. During a phase of significant seismic upgrades, obstructions were encountered during construction. GPR Data was called in for their expertise in 3D imaging & knowledge of Historic Building Preservation, to create asbuilts of these embedded obstructions.

Roughly 3200 sq ft. of historic masonry brick wall was imaged, analyzed, & output back to our customer in a professionally acquired information database that will be used for multiple phases of seismic retrofitting.

Historic Masonry Building Preservation at Union Station, Portland OR

New Ultra Low Frequency Antenna

Another new and unique antenna has joined our offering for you. Whereas our last few expansions have brought us closer to the surface with super-high precision in concrete, this one's going down...way down.

We now have the state of the art antenna for deeper scanning. This beauty will go 30 meters in most conditions. Coupled with our unparalleled experience in operating and analyzing GPR equipment, it is the best solution for those jobs that don't stop 20 feet down.

With this low frequency / high power & resolution antenna, many more services become possible. Here are a few ideas of how you can put this technology to work:

If you have ideas or questions about deeper scanning tasks, please let us know.

New Specialized Concrete Antennas

GPR Data Inc. is proud to add two new specialty antennas to our list. In addition to our standard 1.6 GHz, and our high resolution 2.6 GHz, we also have the brand new low frequency concrete antenna, and the unique 2.0 GHz Palm.

Our new low frequency concrete antenna helps us bring you 36" or more of good data in most conditions. It mounts into the same carriage as our 1.6 and 2.6 GHz models, but operates at 1.0 GHz, and retains a stronger signal for significantly deeper penetration than either of these other antennas. We've already been your go-to company for tough jobs in Dams and other thick concrete. With this tool, we can do the job even better and and in many cases, more rapidly.

The brand new 2.0 GHz Palm antenna is a work of art. With it, we can scan up to walls and around many surface obstructions -- areas which are typically inaccessible to GPR carriages. You've frequently asked us to "put the hole in the wall, or as close as you can get." You've often wanted it closer than we could safely locate.. We listened. You'll now get your locations closer, safer, and often less expensively.

Our goal is always to bring you the widest range of radar expertise and technical capability, so we can get the job done quickly and accurately. With these, we can do more for you, for less. Please see our Concrete Inspection page for more information about these services.

Mapping a Bridge Deck along a Curved Roadway

For a good GPR provider, creating a deterioration map of a rectangular bridge deck is a straightforward task. Grid, collect, process, map, report. But what happens when the deck is shaped like a horseshoe, and the area of concern is at the apex of the bend? It's the type of job that shows we're the Experts in Ground Penetrating Radar.

Sample of a curved Bridge Deck Deterioration Map
Sample of a Bridge Deck Deterioration Map from a Curved area

To read more about this particular job, please see our Projects page. This highly technical process will continue to evolve, so don't be surprised to see refinements as you check back later.

Additional Project Reviews Posted

Our Projects page has been updated with six additional reviews. These summaries only scratch the iceburg of results from each project, so if you have questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Company Literature Available for Download

We've now made our current and previous brochures available for download in PDF format for your convenience. You can find them on our Company Profile page.

Portland Regional Office

GPR Data Inc. has now opened a second office to serve you more effectively. In addition to our headquarters in Eugene, we now have a branch Regional Office in Portland, Oregon. This full service office mirrors the capabilities of our home office, offering the full range of ground penetrating radar applications. Whether you need utility detection, as-built verification, post-tension and rebar locating, or any other GPR service...we can now assist you directly in the Portland / Multnomah / Clackamas / Vancouver area.

Contact us at:
GPR Data Inc.
Portland Regional Office
Reid Davis

High Resolution 2600 MHz Antenna

GPR Data Inc. now has several 2.6 GHz antennas. In the hands of our certified experts, these high resolution antennas can provide definition of objects otherwise unavailable to ground penetrating radar. They complement our existing range of services, increasing our ability to cover everything from a few inches to many meters.

As-Built Verification

Having accurate knowledge of existing construction during the design phase can save tremendous time and money during construction. Unfortunately, as-builts are all too often not as accurate as we'd all like. The difference of a few inches in rebar placement might not bother the ironworker placing them, but it makes all the difference if you're fabricating brackets or planning seismic reinforcements based on the as-builts.

Very often, the most efficient use of ground penetrating radar is to obtain highly accurate details of the existing construction. This information minimizes wasted time and dollars, and allows construction to proceed smoothly. GPR Data Inc. is uniquely trained and experienced in this task. We can confirm or deny existing as-builts. We can create as-builts where none have previously existed. By using this service proactively, you can potentially avoid costly pitfuls and finish the job with fewer delays.

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